Club Night

We have a club meeting on the !st Wednesday of the month. These are generally held in the Royal Navy Association building adjacent to the Hanworth Flying site at 19.00. During the summer months the meeting can start with club glider flying at around 17.00

During these meetings a raffle is held with modelling related prizes.

Calendar of activities 2024


7th February                   AGM and scratch built and ARTF concourse competition

6th March                        TBA

3rd April                           Indoor Heli/Drone comp

1st May                              Spot landing comp using club glider

5th June                            Glider duration comp using club glider

3rd July                             Club BBQ at Royal Navy club

7th August                        Back up date for rescheduled glider comps

4th September                 TBA

2nd October                    Quiz Night  Aviation orientated

6th November                 BMFA Dart construction and flying

4th December                  Christmas and membership subs night

Richard and Roger looking confused

Alan and Colin about to start construction