Club Rules


  1.  The club shall be known as Hanworth Airpark Model Flying Club
  2.  The club shall consist of Full adult, Full child and Honorary members.
  3.  The committee shall meet once a quarter.
  4.  The committee shall retire annually being eligible for re-election.
  5.  The club fiscal year shall begin on 1st January.
  6.  The club monies shall be vested in the treasurer.
  7.  A statement of accounts shall be furnished at the AGM and certified by the committee.
  8.  Requests for club membership shall be submitted on the club membership form to the membership secretary   and verified by the committee.
  9. Anyone connected to the model trade shall not serve on the committee.
  10. Members shall have the right to vote at the AGM and EGM on matters arising.
  11. Flying site rules shall be read from the up to date BMFA handbook and any specific rules listed in HAMFC local safety rules.
  12. Members are required to comply with BMFA guide lines with regard to noise limits.
  13. Pilot grading shall follow the BMFA achievement scheme.
  14. Internal combustion engine powered models are to only be flown within hour stipulated by the local councils.
  15. Flying shall not occur in the event of a fixture or event authorised by the local council that may encroach on the flying area.
  16. The committee shall have the right to expel any member of the club for misconduct or any intentional breach of club rules.
  17. A copy of these rules shall be provided  free to each member on the successful joining.
  18. Any matters not covered by these rules will be decided by the committee.


Safety is of great importance given that we share the Park with other users. Please take time to read the following to help safeguard our site.

  1.  Range check before each flying session.
  2.  Pre-flight check before each flight it is your responsibility to ensure the flight can be completed safely.
  3.  If you are not using a 2.4Ghz transmitter please insure your frequency is clear of other users before turning on.
  4.  Do not take off across the front of the marked flight line. Move to the upwind end before you take off.
  5.  All aircraft and pit material must be behind the pit marker line.
  6.  Do not fly out side the designated flying area as shown on the large sign in the pits area, never fly behind the   flight line or over the pits.
  7.  Be aware football is sometimes played behind the copse and out of sight from the pits area this area must   never be over flown.
  8.  When there are members of the public walking in our flying area care must be taken to not fly low over them   or land too close.
  9.  All aerobatics should be performed at least 50m in front of the flight line.
  10.  Always make a positive call for “Take off”, “Landing” and “Dead stick” to inform other pilots of your   intensions.
  11. If you need to enter the flying area make a positive call “On the strip”.
  12. A maximum of 4 aircraft in the air at any time.
  13. Helicopters should only be flown after discussion and agreement with other pilots.3D style flying is actively discouraged
  14. All aircraft must comply with local by-law with regard to noise,    82Db at 7m.
  15. No aircraft over 7Kg permitted. This is a Hounslow Council By Law, all members will be made aware of this fact, as well as a HAMFC rule
  16. Maximum altitude of any aircraft is 400ft or 122m.
  17. All members must have an operators ID displayed on any aircraft they plan to fly.
  18. All members must have a competency to fly. Either the BMFA RCC (Registration competency certificate test), the CAA DMARES or an A test or above taken before  31/12/2020.
  19. All pilots must keep their aircraft at least 30m when in the air from uninvolved people reducing to 15m during take off or landing.
  20. All types of FPV flight must be conducted with an observer, who maintains unaided visual contact sufficient to monitor it’s flight path in relation to other aircraft, persons, vehicles and structures for the purpose of avoiding collisions and advise the remote pilot accordingly.
  21. It is always the pilots responsibility to ascertain whether the flight can be completed safely.

Everyone’s safety is your responsibility

Dated July 2023